Year 3 Semester 2

In today’s business environment it is practically impossible to avoid dealing with data gathering and analysis. Statistics and familiarity with statistical analysis have become very important in the business world dominated by data. With the advent of scientific calculators and computers, statistical data analysis has become very easy and the use of statistical software has become almost indispensable for statistical analysis and research. The main objective of this course is to help students to undertake statistical analysis with the help of computer using Statistical Package for Social Sciences, IBM SPSS Statistics 22. This course deals with summarizing data, performing analysis and drawing conclusions from the data related to the business environment using SPSS with the aim to help in decision making.

This course unit will enable students to apply IT knowledge in the Accounting function as a solution provider and learn the important aspects of computerization of accounting data. It will also replete with advanced spreadsheet programming and QuickBooks in relation to Financial, Accounting, Cost and Management Accounting and Financial Management.